Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January 25, 2016 DOpE COMMUNITY

Good Afternoon Family and Friends,
I'm grateful for the internet I have. I'll start with that little piece of gratitude. You all may be wondering how my first week as a full proselyting missionary was this week. I LOVED IT!!! It was the most satisfying thing I've done since I've gotten here. It was so great and I'm so excited for what the next five weeks hold. There is so much to be grateful for so let's start with the temporal things and move to spiritual.  

 This is the nicest apartment I've ever been in. Hands Down. It's almost an apartment you would rent back home. Electricity 24 hours. Never runs out of water... Yeah. That's pretty much it. And it's amazing. Still no hot water but eh.. who needs that. Elder Hawkins and I have our own apartment and there is another two Elders right next door that live there. So we spend a bit of time together. They are struggling small but the Hawk and I are flying mighty high here.

The work here is so overwhelming. How can that be? Let's just say that yesterday we received 34 referrals at church. During the whole of the week, we tallied 59 referrals. That's a lot of people to teach. And almost all of them came to church yesterday. It's exciting yet intimidating. These are people that are expecting so much from you. And you need to just do your best to give them the blessing that they have been waiting for for months. The primary class has 42 children that haven't been baptized and she is pressuring me to teach them. Now, I'm not about to baptize a kid without the parents in the church or anything, especially if they are nine. I told the Branch President that and he understood. But I came to an agreement with them. I told them to give me a list of the primary kids and put next to their names if their parents are members or not. So now I can see which of the kids are part members. Some of the parents are less active so we have visited with them. If we visit a kid whose parents don't come to church, we use that to meet the parents and teach the parents. We have one mother who is now interested in the church and promised to come this week.

It's all a bit of strategy here. We have lists on lists of people to teach but we are really listening to the Branch Mission Leader. He is a guy that really magnifies his calling. He knows them each personally and where they live. What help he has offered this past week has been so valuable. So we know which of the investigators are most serious so we know where to start. We already have all of our days planed to Friday. We are planing to go on splits this week with the Elders Quorum President and the Branch Mission Leader because there is so many people to teach. What a wonderful problem to have, right? By the way, we have one investigator who has completely blown me out of the water. Francis. We teach him and he usually teaches us. I asked him to teach us the law of Chastity and he just went off for ten minutes talking about this and that. He even started quoting scriptures from the Book of Mormon off the top of his head. It was impressive until he referenced the articles of faith for one thing. 
Elder Hawkins is great. His trainer for the first six weeks didn't do anything the whole time so we are doing a crash course in 6 weeks. We are going through all twelve weeks double time. He is really smart and catching everything. But it's continuing to teach me and I'm still trying to apply the things I'm learning from Preach My Gospel to better myself as a missionary. I'm grateful for this opportunity to remind myself I still need to learn and act. We are really enjoying ourselves and the time spent here in DOpE COMMUNITY.
Love You All
Elder Treadway