Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 16, 2015 Harlem Globe Trotters or Assistants?

Good Afternoon Everyone!
I hope everyone is alive and well. Sad to hear what happened in Paris this week. The way I found was quite interesting. I was sitting with members yesterday. One says, "Sad what happened in Paris." "What happened in Paris?" was our response. He just looked at us like we crazy. He then told us. Nuts! 

This week was a relatively unexciting week. We had little time to proselyte. There was a stark contrast between this week and last week. I didn't like it. I liked teaching, not sitting in the office doing whatever office people do. So, I talked to my companion about it and we are going to work harder in the office so that we can get out sooner and proselyte. We are starting to get a lot more on our plate and it's going to be an interesting couple of weeks. Wednesday was the Mission Leadership Council. There was a much different atmosphere around this one. We changed up the style in which we were going to do it.  

 Today we went to go play Basketball in a nearby area with some Elders. It was a much needed therapy for me. I just needed to get out, do something competitive and fun. So, we played Basketball. My team consisted of my companion (who's talent is lacking but makes up for it in heart and weird moves), Elder Randall (who is really tall and his uncle works with dad), and Elder Ojo (who would do better as a running back the way he carried the ball today.) We struggled in our first game today since we were going up against a team of three high school basketball players. But we adjusted. We found our strengths and our weakness. We avoided giving the ball to Ojo most of the time. Na. I'm just kidding. Just half. But the next time we went up, we were an unstoppable force. I ran the point and just was dishing it out. I don't like to boast of myself but... it was nice. Gave some nice Alley Oop passes to Randall. We won out. Never lost a game after that first one. I feel that there is some sort of spiritual implication to be found but I think I'll ponder on it when I'm not as tired. I do want to clarify that playing on a concrete court with a palm tree as your pole for your back board is respectfully different than playing on hardwood. So please, do not expect this wonderful talent that I have gained to make it's way back to America. 

Well, I hope I have more wonderful and enjoyable stories to tell next week. This week was pretty lame. I apologize. 
Love you all and Hope you are well.
I'll make up for the week with pictures. 
Yes, that is all my sweat. Africa does weird things to you.