Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 9, 2015 Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
In Liberia, they celebrate Thanksgiving on the first Thursday of every month. It was a little different than back home. Why? Well, let me spell out the differences.
 1. At nine in the morning, I was sweating. I was just sitting down and I was sweating.
 2. There was no football anywhere. American football, I should say. Where was the turkey bowl? Where was the Detroit Lions?
3. Thanksgiving is a day of fast. Yeah, I went there. No stuffing faces. Everyone fasts on Thanksgiving. 
Not knowing exactly how this Thanksgiving would go, my companion and I went out and got some food. Nice bowl of rice. But then, we started getting calls from members. The day of fast had ended and they wanted us to come and start eating with them. So we went from place to place to place to place eating food. I don't think I've ever eaten more in any thanksgiving I've ever been apart of. I felt like exploding.

Monrovia right now is in chaos. There has been a new policy passed by the President to allow the Mayor to clean up the streets. So, you wanna know what she has been doing? Every day, she goes through neighborhoods. Any house she doesn't like, she takes it down. This lady is an extreme Home Owners Association. One of the neighborhoods we proselyte in looks like a complete bomb site. Peoples houses are demolished. As if their living situation wasn't bad enough, let's take away your one good piece of shelter. People are so scared, that they cleaning up everywhere, painting every brick. I guess it's an effective way to get the area clean? One investigator already lost her house though. But the members have not been effected yet. Our Branch mission Leader had the house next to him destroyed but his is standing. People are not happy around here. 
The missionary work is continuing to push forward. I'm still shocked with the simplicity in teaching people. Finding is a breeze. I know in many areas around the world, it's difficult. I'll share with you how simple it was this week. We went to an investigators place to teach the investigator. He wasn't there. We sat on a bench thinking of what to do. A girl sits next to us. We talk to her. Then her sister comes, then another. We ask to teach the three of them and they say yes. We teach them, and then set up another appointment. I don't know if that happens in many other places. It continues to surprise me how happily these people are willing to accept the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's amazing. Well, my family and friends, I love you all. I pray for your safety and well being. I hope you all enjoy this upcoming week!
Elder Treadway