Wednesday, October 21, 2015

September 28, 2015 Raining in Africa!!

Hey Everyone!
Greetings from Liberia. Hope you all are doing well. This week was a relatively great week. We were able to visit with quite a few people. Extended some baptismal dates for the 10th of October. So, we are working with about ten for that date. We have more people we need to be meeting with and we are getting more referrals. But, just to keep myself sane, I need to just focus on ten and I promise that I'll get to the other ones. A lot of people have been coming to church for months now so a couple of weeks won't change anything. 
Well, this week, my companion and I had to go to Thinker Village to visit with some investigators. Thinker Village doesn't have missionaries yet but the Branch President is insisting that four people there are prepared to be baptized so we went to see how ready they were. We met with one guy and he just knew everything so well. But, I felt inspired to ask him right after his big monologue what he knew about Eternal Marriage. He knew nothing so we had the Branch Mission Leader teach Lesson 5 before we come back this Thursday for the interview. Four Convert Baptisms without missionaries. Crazy. 
Other than that, my companion and I are staying sane. Working hard and loving the people. Love you All and Hope you are doing well.
Elder Treadway

pic. 1- Just proselyting yesterday. Streets flooded. Boots are a blessing. Don't judge the umbrella. Saved my life.

pic. 2- View from my office/ apartment. Not shabby, huh?