Wednesday, October 21, 2015

September 21, 2015 Liberian Women Don't Like Clothes!!

Greetings from Babylon!
Hello Family! It has been quite an interesting week this week. I've definitely had an increase of diligence with writing in my journal. I think I have had experiences this past week that, well I don't really know how to describe. First off, the subject of my email. The woman here seem to not care about their clothing, or amount of clothing, that they have. We taught a lesson to two eighteen year old girls, (we had a branch missionary with us) and they were showing cleavage like no other. One girl looked like her shirt was about to fall over. I was just looking at her just thinking, "That's going to be really awkward when that shirt fails to cover you..." She would adjust but my companion and I would look at each other just thinking, "Nope. Didn't do anything!" Didn't help that her sister was sleeping topless behind us. We were like Daniel in the Den of Lions! 
The missionary work here is incredible. Numbers don't mean anything but we were able to get 20 referrals this week and 23 investigators attended Sacrament Meeting. My companion and I were dumbfounded. We had never even touched close to a total that high in all of our time serving. I was really confused but we acted fast. I quickly realized that with the time we have as Assistants, we don't really have much time to proselyte. So as for the two girls who seem to love wearing nothing, they can have another time to hear the gospel. As for now, we have 23 people who are prepared and ready to hear the gospel. One guy wanted to join the church so he went onto and contacted someone in Salt Lake and they directed him to the chapel. That doesn't ever happen! I didn't even think something like that happens! But it did! Mom, you prayed for more teaching appointments. Well, here you have it! 
As for Assistant business, this week wasn't too crazy. We had an orientation for the new Elders that arrived. We fed them some Liberian food that a sister down the road made. They didn't really like it too much. They were complaining how spicy it was. What's awkward is that it didn't even faze me. They are going to suffer. We are facing another problem as well. Sisters, or lack thereof. I never thought I would say this but our mission needs more sisters. We only have five in the mission and three are leaving by December and we are getting another one in October. Other than that, we have no scheduled Sisters coming. We have no idea what to do when it comes to these Sisters. But we think we have found a solution. We might send one of the new ones home. She came in on Tuesday and we found out through her trainer that she can't read, write, or spell. It kind of makes you a little ineffective. So President kind of wants to send her home which will clear space to not have three Sisters for forever but we will have two. We will see what happens, won't we? Well, I hope you like this picture. Why? Because I almost got robbed trying to get it for you. You may laugh but na. I'm serous. I straight up tried to get robbed. This ain't Ghana anymore. You are playing with the Big Boys Now! haha. Love you All.
Elder Treadway