Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 15, 2015 Greetings from Liberia!!

Hey Everyone!
So, I made it safely to Liberia. Leaving Ghana was a bit emotional. I didn't cry... because I'm a man but still. When I landed in the Station in Cape Coast preparing to head to the mission home, a couple of the members in Greenhill were able to meet me there to send me off. A great way to head out of Ghana. I ate my last Ghanaian Fufu in the mission home and then the next day, I headed out to Liberia. LIberia is a little different. It's much more humid here. And it hasn't stopped raining since Saturday. They gave everyone boots to where, which makes me look really gay but they came in handy yesterday when some of the neighborhoods flooded from the nearby river. Liberia is extremely poor as well. I've been surprised at the situations some of these people live in. I thought Ghana was bad... but forget! Liberia tops it off. There are some perks though. There is a much greater variety of American food to buy. We were walking through one of the supermarkets and were dumbfounded by some of the food. Weight Watchers Ice Cream, Oreo's, Mtn. Dew, pretty much anything your heart desires. Mind. Blown.
So as for companions, my companion is Elder Verdoni. He is from Mesa, Arizona. President Carlson called us to be the Assistants. So, it will be quite an adventure trying to get this thing started. We are staying in the mission office. It's only the two of us here at night from 7 going so it relatively is quiet. But we do have nice living arrangements. We get a Generator till 10 in the evening and all night we sleep with no fan or anything. So that has taken some adjusting to. But it's not bad. 
The Branch is sweet! We didn't know where to start proselyting so we went to the chapel first to see what we could do. We ran into members there and they showed us around. Yesterday, seven investigators came to church, but they said there are much more but because of the rain, some didn't come. Some of the investigators just need a baptismal interview, some have been coming for months but haven't been taught because they were waiting for us to come. All of them that came yesterday are really prepared. We had members coming up to us asking us to take them proselyting with us. I've never had an experience like this before. Elder Verdoni and I are very excited for this opportunity. Another cool thing. Elder Freeman, a liberian missionary, served with me in Tarkwa and Winneba but now he is back in Liberia serving. His family is not members of the church and they are my investigators. So, I'm teaching his family right now. Thought that that was cool. He's been calling me for updates on his family. He's excited to have me teach his family. It's sweet. Well, enjoying my view from the office. It's a beach side office so we get to see the whole ocean everyday. It's nice. Well, Love you all. Hope all is well.
Elder Treadway