Saturday, September 12, 2015

September 7, 2015 I'll Go Where the Lord Wants Me to Go!!

Hey Everyone!

So you all may be wondering what is going on with this whole Liberia Thing. So, I just got a call about 20 minutes ago from President Stevenson telling me that I'll be leaving on Thursday morning to head to Liberia. So, Wednesday evening I'll head to the Mission Home and then head off from there. It's kind of bittersweet, but I'm glad that I finally have the news. Time to pack...
Yesterday, I had one of the biggest laughs of my mission. All of the missionaries went to a members place yesterday to eat. The father of the family is just a very strange guy. Just that guy, who likes to talk so sophisticated but just is anything but. But, I heard that he likes to sing so I asked him if he could sing. That guy looked at me with the biggest smile. I was just so ready, all of the Elders were ready. He looked at us, tipped his head just slightly, smiled with that great gap in his teeth, then just started scat singing. haha! I lost it. I just started crying! I think I insulted him. Good thing I'm leaving on Wednesday right? I was prepared for a normal song and all. I didn't see the scat singing. That was left field status! 
Today we had a wonderful activity with my District. It's the last time we will all be together. So, we played Dodgeball. Everyone seemed to have a fun time. No one got injured, which is a plus. No one got into fights or anything. Another plus. I'll be sad to go. 

Love you Guys
Elder Treadway