Saturday, September 12, 2015

August 31, 2015 HAKUNA MATATA!!

Hey Everyone!
So, for all those that were MOCKING Africa before I left and saying that I'm going to learn phrases in Lion King, I'm going to sleep in Mud Huts, yada yada yada. I've got a story for you! So, on Saturday, my companion and I had to take a Sister Companionship to the Hospital. Sister Namutebi is from Uganda as Sister Mhizha is from Zimbabwe. As Sister Mhizha was getting tests done, Sister Namutebi was on the phone speaking in Uganda to some Ugandan somewhere in the mission. I just piped in and said, "Hakuna Matata" in which she just started laughing. She put down the phone, looked at me and just said, "Who taught you that?" I thought Lion King was an international movie. I guess not. So I let her know some childhood friends named Timon and Pumba. Elder Wadsworth couldn't resist laughing. (Fun fact, the African words in Lion King are Swahili, which is a dialect used in south eastern Africa.)
The hospital visit didn't end to well. We were there for four hours and finally Sister Mhizha got her medicine and she just needed an injection. As we were going to the Doctor area, Cars just zoomed in with bodies in their back. There was a three car accident involving Police Officers who were a little tipsy. They rushed eight people into the Emergency area. About five minutes later, they rushed one lady out who was dead. They hadn't managed the art of covering a dead body so they rolled it right past us. The whole laughter about Hakuna Matata went kinda out the window after that. Everyone was pretty jacked up. And the worst part about it, after waiting for four hours, Sister Mhizha didn't get her freaking injection! That was my week... So the first wave of Liberian missionaries left today to Liberia. They should be there now. We will follow, if everything goes nice, on the tenth of September. But we will see. Well, Love you All. 
Elder Treadway