Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 5, 2015 What a Week!!

Hey Everyone!
So what a week this was? This was a quite interesting, entertaining, and adventurous week. First off, Conference was very sweet. Yes, I was able to watch all of it except for Priesthood session. I realized that we have plenty computers in the office so I just asked President if I could watch conference at all. He just said, why not? So, at four in the afternoon on Saturday, I watched the Saturday Morning Session. At 8 at night, I watched the Saturday Afternoon Session. The talks were exceptional and inspiring. Answers to personal questions and advice to pleas were given. I felt spiritually filled and enlivened. I loved, especially, the talk from Elder Bradley D. Foster, who will forever hold a special place in my heart for the way that he made a dramatic change in my life. I loved the talk by Quentin L. Cook, especially when he talked about Self- Control (who for those who knew me back home... this was my weakness) I continue to fight to make it a personal strength of mine, I've had my ups and downs, but it was very inspiring. 
So this week was crazy for a couple of reasons. Before I begin, I want to tell you Mom, I'm fine. Everyone is safe. And this won't happen to me since I live in one of the most secure buildings in Liberia. Ok, since that Preface didn't hint anything at all, let's jump right into this one. Thursday morning, I got a call from President Carlson. I thought it was my alarm so I just thought, forget! I'll let my companion get it. So, my companion got out and answered it. Turned out, during the middle of the night, four armed robbers broke into a missionaries apartment. How did the missionaries wake up to it? They were woken up by the robbers slapping them with their machetes. They began threatening to cut off arms and legs and then locked all four of them into a room and stole everything in the apartment. So, the Elders broke out of the room, ran to a nearby neighbor and called President. So, for the past few nights they have been staying with us as their apartment has been being fixed and more secure. Two of the Elders were really scarred by the incident so we put them together as companions and sent them far across the mission to help open up an area. (Taking advantage of the situation to grow the mission). It was a frightening experience for them but most of them have the spirit of adventure so they are doing well. Well, this week I have my first Missionary Leadership Council that my companion and I are in charge of. It will be an interesting one since all of the Zone Leaders and Assistants came from Different missions. We will see how it goes. Love you all and hope you are well.
Elder Treadway