Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 10, 2015 Transfer Week!!

Hey Everyone!
So this week flew by and I'm glad because I'm tired out of my mind. Part of being the District Leader here in Winneba is handling the transfers. This zone had five new missionaries coming and they had to make a pit stop in Winneba. My job was simple. Get the missionaries on a Tro to their areas. It was supposed to be simple. But people don't really think it out too much. So... they sent these five brand new missionaries without a phone to Winneba. All of them are shell shocked. And the Tro driver drops them off around three miles from the spot where they should have been. So, I get a call from the Zone Leaders telling me that they are at the wrong spot and I need to go and get them and help them get to their places. So, I have to rush off to meet these guys. They are at the chapel just standing there, just nervous looking. One kid was just freaking out about the two years and all. Another one was complaining that he needed to urinate. So I sent my companion with him to find an alley way. That's the way we do things here... It was pretty funny to be honest. I was so tired though!
This week, we also were able to go farming. There were no tro's for us so a member took us in his truck to the farm. So, we had thirteen members in our District who were going, plus a family and we were all able to fit them into the truck. If you can tell by the pictures, all of the elders and some of the boys of the family sat in the back with us on the 10 mile journey to the farm. For some reason, I had the thought in my head that this is the reason missionaries die on mission. Then, I quickly kicked those thoughts out of my head and said, "Let's Ride!" It was pretty fun! We planted Okro Seeds for about Nine Hours. Got extremely burnt. It's a good thing that my family isn't prone to skin cancer. Well, the work is moving small small. Trying to put alot more emphasis on visiting with members. Hopefully it goes well. Love you all!
Elder Treadway