Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 27, 2015 It's All Good in the Windy Bay!!

Hey Everyone!
So this week was one for some progress. I got a little sick this week, but I can shake that one off. Feeling much better now, so... all is good. We were able to contact some referrals that we had received over the past few weeks which was a plus. Don't know yet their interest level, but we just gotta try. 
The Winneba 2nd Ward through it's first ward party! That was very exciting. We were able to get the members there and get them happy. There was food there which always puts a smile on a Ghanaian face. The games that they played were pretty lame. Not gonna lie. But when the DJ turned on the music, these Africans just jumped up and went Crazy!!! They enjoyed and it was so entertaining to watch. I cannot confirm or deny that the missionaries there busted a couple of moves to gain much favor of members. I did a little slicing and dicing myself. I kept it close though, cool, composed. I did not pull my signature dance move, the leg in the air move, which is a testimony that I was in control. Elder Wadsworth video'd me. I've lost alot of my natural dancing abilities over these past months. What a shame. But we got a couple referrals from our Drunk Member at the Ward Party so... we'll follow up on those this week. Loving every minute of this. Hope you are too. 

Love you All.