Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 21, 2015 Dum-Sor!

Hey Everyone!
Sorry for the Tuesday report. Not much you can do when the Electricity Company of Ghana decides to shut the light off all day on the one day you don't go outside. But shake it off! Here I am. Everything this week has been going very well. My companion got sick for one day again but he figured it all out and we are back on the move. Small small, right? President Stevenson told me that he is very happy to see the change in Elder Wadsworth. That makes me happy to hear that.
I found a sad truth this week. We are teaching a Nigerian lady named Julian, I don't know why she has that name. But she wanted us to chop a Nigerian delicacy. Lesson I learned? The delicacy's are only delicacy's to that specific nation. She fed us some dish with snail, goat legs, some weird chicken, and leaves from potato and casava plants. She pretty much pulled an Eowyn by feeding us the food, then just standing their, perched like a hawk until we were finished eating. Every now and then, she would say the phrase, "Can't waste food, can we?" I didn't feel normal for about 24 hours. After an hour of grueling chopping of food, we finished it. Oh, the things you do for investigators. It's just not right. haha. Well, I love you all and hope this finds you well.