Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 13, 2015 Oh Winneba!!

Hey Everyone!
So everything has been going very sweet here in Winneba. My companion is up and moving about. He told me that he felt awful a couple times while proselyting but he just would say a prayer and just keep going. We have also received quite a few miracles while proselyting. After fasting and praying for this area and for Elder Wadsworth and his success, we were able to be blessed with five referrals this week. Now when referrals cover almost 80 percent of baptisms in the mission, that was very exciting. One man stopped us and said, "I live in Accra and I was baptized last week into Latter- day Saints. My family lives here and I want you to teach them." Just those miracles were littered throughout our week. Do I feel blessed? Immensely!
I also went on exchanges this week with my MT who is going home in a few weeks. It was such a fun day. I was still knew to my area but I felt confident that I knew my way around. It was planned to visit an investigator who lives in the bush. I thought I could find my way around. Until I came to a fork in the path. Like, I'm talking about five prongs shooting off in different directions. So, we took the first one. Lost. Second one. Lost. Third one. Lost. Fourth one. Lost. Fifth one? Lost. Turns out, he wasn't even living there at all. We just walked around for an hour in the bush. Haha! We also went to visit a non serious investigator. We went to her and told her that we were there to teach her. She said that she was packing up her shop so we should go come. We told her that we would help her in which she responded that we should just come tomorrow. So I told her in that case, I will just go come. So we left for like three minutes. We came back and she was finished. We dropped by her house in which the family sent their child to tell us that the girl was sleeping. Oh, that broke the straw on the camels back. (I think that's a legit phrase?) People like that just frustrate me! But it's alright. I just laughed and put it in my journal! hahaha! Well, hope you all have a great week.
Elder Treadway
1. I've become the master tortilla maker!!!
2. After being in this country for awhile, I'm still blown away by the scenery I am blessed to witness everyday