Saturday, April 11, 2015

March 23, 2015 Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from Bad Judgement!

Hey Everyone!
Well, this week has been a week of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. As you may be wondering, I received some wonderful experience from a Bad Judgement of mine. Me? I like to help people. I may not be too good at it but, everyone now and then, I like to try and help someone make a turn around. Well, I have a dying Nigerian in my apartment. Sorry, Dying means that he is in the process. The process is complete people. He is dead. So, I want to bring him back to life. Yes, I want to perform a miracle. I have been trying since the beginning of the transfer. So I have been seeking advice from President and the Zone Leaders on the art of resurrection. So the Zone Leaders told the dead Elder all that's going on. How they expect him to change, How I've been seeking advice from President to help him change.. yeah. So, I'll say, I received the most ridiculous, uncalled for, and terribly insulting chastisement of my life! I knew it was coming when I walked into his room. And I did all I could to hold back from fighting back. Luckily, I only allowed one Sarcastic comment out of my mouth, which he hated, but I thought that he should count himself as a lucky soul since I had alot going on in my mind. 
Elder Antwi is very funny with this whole situation. As Elder Antwi doesn't like the guy either, he has been venting to me. Funniest quote from him this week, "If I knew my scriptures well, I would have CHASTISED HIM!" Antwi has been in a retaliation stage against the Elder. I have just been trying to calm the stallion. But if we are looking for being grateful in each cirumstance, I'm grateful for this because Elder Antwi and I are more unified then we ever have. We have no one else to turn to but each other. So, it's good. Transfer news is on Saturday and it's going to be a very interesting one. Anyone in the apartment is up for transfers. So, we'll see. Well, love you all. Have a great week! Enjoy life!
Elder Treadway