Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 13, 2015 What a Week it was....

What a Week it was...


hey Everyone,
So, it was quite a week. yes it was. So Elder havea and i have started putting our nose to the grindstone. I think that is what the phrase is. He doesn't like wasting time so we spend as much time trying to improve the area. We actually got a new investigator this past week who is very sweet. She came to church, has very strong fellowshippers, and even came to church the other day. She is sweet.
We have another investigator who has quite a dilemma right now. She has been meeting with us for about two months now. Her whole family goes to Roman Catholic but she wants to change to Latter-day Saints. She has been actually for the past 2 years, going to Carismatic Catholic Church. (Yeah, maybe they are more lively or something... I don't know). But she has been going there behind her aunts back and now, she has changed churches without the aunt even knowing that she was even going to a different church to begin with. But the aunt starting catching on that Elizabeth wouldn't go to Roman Catholic things anymore. So, she told Elizabeth that if she got baptized, she would get kicked out of the house... Freak! So we talked to Elizabeth about the prospect of her baptism. She was struggling with it but her Grandmother told her to continue with the Baptism. So, that's the plan. I told her that if she did this, she has to be two feet in the water, close the escape hatch, there is no going back. Accept the consequences. She has and so her baptism will be on the 25 of April. (I thought it might be a sweet day to have a baptism. I don't know why but... it might be a nice day.) Saddly, the Grandmother, who has always given Elizabeth her love and support, was admitted to the hospital yesterday and we have no idea how she is doing. (She was OLD). So hopefully it will all go well. Well, love you All. Keep strong. Have courage. Be believing.
Elder Treadway