Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 20, 2015 No Wahala!

Hey Everybody
So receiving the News about Sister Canepari was very devastating. My thoughts and prayers go out to Brother Canepari, Ashton, and all of the kids. She has had such a wonderful impact in my life. From being my scout leader, to being a second mom my whole life. She seemed to always know a little more about me then I did myself. I still remember hearing that when I went home early from my mission, I think her Sister said that I probably won't go back out. And Sister Canepari just shot it down saying, "You Don't Know Brian." Even when I doubted at times, she didn't. Look where I'm at. How Grateful I am for the Plan of Salvation, The Plan of Happiness, and the Plan of Redemption. God's love is Enduring. Never Ending. Eternal. She is one of those ladies who is truly God and without Guile. I will miss her. Deeply. 
So this week was quite an interesting week. Right now, Elder Havea and I are facing quite a little problem with this girl, Elizabeth, that we are planning to baptize this coming Saturday. She has been going behind her Aunts back to come to our church. She has been telling the Grandmother though, who has played more of a mother in her life then anything, and the Grandmother has been fully supportive. She has been continuing to push Elizabeth towards church and Baptism. But last Sunday, she entered the Hospital. On Friday, she told Elizabeth to continue towards Baptism and on Saturday, she passed away. So, now Elizabeth has no support for Baptism but she is still determined to finish it out. She is more determined then ever to be baptized. So, until this Saturday, we are still going to be praying and teaching her to figure out if she is truly ready. If she is truly willing to do this. But, she is strong and has a wonderful spirit. Should be an interesting week. Yet, a very rewarding one.
Elder Treadway