Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 27, 2015 Fufu for Birthday? I think, Yes!

Hey Everyone,
So my first birthday (and last) in Ghana! And it wasn't a bad one by any means. Filled with teaching, punding fufu, chopping fufu, not a bad little mix, don't ya think? 
So, we were expected to have a Baptism on Saturday, but do to Ghana's weird culture, we pushed it back for this Saturday. In Ghana, when it comes to funerals, they like to make it a three month affair.Saturday was the week celebration of the death of Elizabeth's Grandmother. There, they decide which day should the funeral be held on. I think they set it for the End of July.
But as for my birthday, we had a little party with some investigators and the members. We hung up a happy birthday sign, got some balloons, and stuck some candles in my fufu. It was a little weird to see the wax dripping into the fufu, but I think all is well. It was a ridiculous amount of fufu as well. As for my birthday breakfast, since I usually have pancakes on my birthday I decided to twist it up a little bit. How about some noodles with vegetables, and some avocado with bread. Yeah, I said Avocado. Well, here they call it pear. They have a screw loose. But, we went running that morning in my brand new Neon running shoes. I don't know what people were more surprised at, the shoes, or the white man running in the streets. But, whatever. I'm 20. I can do what I want now, somehow. Well, Love you Guys. Hope you have a wonderful week!
Elder Treadway