Friday, March 20, 2015

March 16, 2015 Elder Dube's Powerful!

Hey Everyone,
So this week was a great week. We went to Takoradi to listen to Elder dube instruct the mission. Elder Dube is one of two Africans who is a General Authority and man, it was such a wonderful instruction. He instructed three times which was different from Elder LeGrand Curtis Jr. who just instructed once. One of his instructions was about becoming Disciple missionaries and not Me Missionaries. Me missionaries worry so much about themselves and things that just revolve around them. He gave examples, "I'm too Tired""I'm too hungry" He stated that Disciple Missionaries realize that this work is bigger then them. That yes, you may be hungry but you push yourself a little bit more. Just talk to five more people or so. Go that 2nd mile. And it's true. That's the struggle that I've been having to deal with for awhile. I feel that a fountain of converts are just awaiting us here in Tarkwa. But they are at that 2nd mile. And if we don't go that 2nd mile, we won't get there. Yes, you can receive satisfaction and occasionally a convert by going that 1st mile. But that 2nd mile is where that spring is. 
I've been trying to push Elder Antwi to go that 2nd mile but it's all conditional. I will if this doesn't happen. I'm down to do that if that doesn't happen. We are given a standard of excellence of 52 hours proselyting. On an Average week, a 1 miler gets 49 (I did the math during weekly planning). But a 2 miler, (a thoroughbred) makes the small sacrifices to make it 52 hours. Maybe it's passing up on a lunch. Or a dinner. Elder Antwi was down to make hit the 52 hours but if it was on no sacrifice of his own. "If I'm hungry, I'm going to eat. You can't stop me." He'll be obedient, unless it's not comfortable with him, or he doesn't get it, or it's not a sacrifice. But you just keep pushing, hoping for the good to come from it. Gotta be that 2nd miler. Gotta be that thoroughbred.
Well, hope you guys have a great week.
Elder Treadway