Friday, March 20, 2015

February 23, 2015 The Pig Was Not My Friend!

Hey Everyone,
Hope you all are doing well. I had quite a rough week. That Pig I had didn't sit to well with my system. Not at all. I guess eating off of the leg where there was still blood is not the best idea. But I'm feeling small better now. I was out of work Tuesday and Wednesday, but Elder Antwi and I hit the road Thursday and worked as hard as a jacked up missionary could. Not easy. haha
So I think I forgot to tell a story to you all. My whole time here in Ghana, I never have had any run in's with Jehovah Witness. That's pretty impressive for here but I had a good track record. Until we came to visit with an investigator named Isaac. He is a Jehovah Witness and it wasn't too bad of a lesson. It actually went really well. Until, two Witnesses, or missionaries, show up and ask to join in the lesson. I said, "Why yes. You are invited." Elder Antwi at this time is just freaking out. And so, we continue teaching the Restoration. We get to how Christ established his Church and Elder Antwi just wanted to stop there. He didn't want to go anymore. Not with two Witnesses around. But I was like, Heck No! I ain't surrendering to these two loonies. So I picked up where Antwi left off and taught the Apostasy. And then Elder Antwi joined in and we finished teaching the Restoration. (When I recited the First vision, one of the Witnesses was just shaking his head the whole time. Though they never said anything.) Now when we finished the lesson, I remembered that I have been trying to give Baptismal Dates to everyone I teach in the first lesson. So, with the Witnesses around, I invite Isaac to be baptized and he accepts for the 29 of March. I then turn to the Witnesses and ask them that if they come to know if what we taught is true, if they will be prepared for Baptism. They said they'll think about it. I thought Elder Antwi was going to faint! haha! Fun times in Ghana! Well, hope you are all enjoying. Love you all.
Elder Treadway