Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 20, 2015 Oh Ghana!

Hey Everyone,
Sorry for the late email. For some reason, the people here in Tarkwa thought the Ghana match was most important so they shut off all computers the whole entire day! So this was the only day computers worked.
This last week was a great week. A very interesting week as it is. But we are blessed. Esther is progressing very well and is always a joy to visit with. Whenever we see her, she has the biggest smile on her face and it somehow rubs off on me. She didn't come to church this sunday because her husband came back from out of town and she wanted to spend some time with him. But she did show him the Book of Mormon and the Restoration pamphlet and he was interested. But for him, he is a miner and he travels for 12 days and he comes back for three days. Not easy kra. But we will work with that. We should have a fun week this week. Well Love you All.
Elder Treadway