Wednesday, January 28, 2015

January 26, 2015 Good Afternoon!

Good Afternoon!
Hope you all are doing well. This past week was a great week. Elder Antwi and I have been working hard and trying to provide our area with some pretty good investigators. We have some but others just keep on disappointing us. We have this one investigator named Grace whose whole families are members of the church. I swear, when we teach her, she sounds like she is so drunk. On Friday, I asked her if she could tell me where the Book of Mormon came from. It was so funny as I watched her try to peace everything together. She would yell out her answeres in Fragmented sentences. For Example, "Plates Under Ground!... ANGEL!!!! Joseph Smith." I wish I was inside her brain while this adventure was taking place.
Esther is progressing but of recent has started mentioning her church. She has never talked about her church before but now she has. The scariest part was when she told us that she wouldn't bring her children. But she would come to church once to visit. I just sat there in shock! What have I done wrong? What did I do? So we have started focusing on the Book of Mormon with her. Every lesson, as Ben so wisely told me last year, we have strived to use the Book of Mormon. Once they get to know that that one simple book is true, then I feel our jobs get a little easier. During my readings of Preach My Gospel this week, I saw that it said that when an investigator doesn't read from the Book of Mormon, read it with them. Don't just let it go. So, with Esther, we were going to discuss the Law of Chastity. But since she didn't read, we read the testimonies of the three witness, eight witnesses, and Joseph Smith. She seemed to grasp what they were all saying and told us that she would pray to find if it is true and won't stop till she get an answer. So tomorrow, we are visiting with her to check up on that response. Well, Love you All. Keep being Stellar!
Elder Treadway