Monday, December 1, 2014

November 24, 2014 God made the man, Man made the Woman, Woman made the Devil, Devil made the Fire! Fire! Fire! Fire on the Mountain! Fire down Below! Fire Fire! Fire Down Below!!

That's a chant that the Ghanaians sings while training for Football!!! hahaha! How can I not put that in there as my message? haha. To explain. God made Adam. Adam's rib made Eve. Eve partook of the fruit, allowing the devil into our lives. The Devil made the fire! Fire! Fire! Too funny!
So as you all may be wondering, this week was a pretty cool week. Very fast. We had a baptism to prepare for because we had a great feeling I was being transferred. So we were able to get Emmanuel Yankah and Rebecca Dadze prepared and baptized. It was wonderful. Both of them are stellar. So as you may be wondering about Transfer news, I've got news for you.
So there is an area far west in Ghana. Far in Western Region, near the edge of the mission. It's called Tarkwa. I was hearing from people around the mission that President Stevenson wanted to throw four more people into the city. There is already four missionaries there but he wants eight. He also is turning Tarkwa into a new zone. So it was going to be interesting. We knew that he was putting two Zone Leaders in there but who else?
On Tuesday, I got a call from President Stevenson. He asked me if I would train. I accepted. So the whole week, we knew that I was training. But where? We had a feeling it wouldn't be in Greenhill. But where? Oh Where? Then transfer news came. President Stevenson wants my son and I to be two of the four missionaries helping out in Tarkwa. So they have a Group and a Branch there. Four will be apart of the Branch and four will be apart of the Group. The church is small there but I think President has very high hopes for the area. Tarkwa is a gold mining town so it's pretty nice I've heard. I'm pretty excited. It'll be very sad though leaving Greenhill. It's been my home but now it's gonna be my past home. Sad face. Another sad thing? Transfers is the day before thanksgiving. Well, I've got to shake that off. haha. Love you all. Enjoy this week.
Elder Treadway