Monday, November 3, 2014

November 3, 2014 'NOTHER GOOD WEEK

Hey Everyone,
So this week I was finally able to watch conference. Well, as much as I could. We watched Saturdayafternoon and then half of the morning session. The disc started to skip so we weren't able to watch all. What was definitely fun about it all was that there was another church that was playing loud music and such right next to us. So, the quiet people like Robert D. Hales were getting drowned out. But I did see the German Dude spit fire. That was great. And there is nothing like Holland. And Eyring? Enough Said.

Elder Barlow and I have been working pretty hard this week. Trying to exceed the Standard of Excellence that has been given to us. We started teaching these girls named Ruby and Ruth. I don't know if we I told you about them but they seemed pretty cool. Came to church twice and came to the two year anniversary for the Greenhill Branch. But then, Elder Barlow and I started getting the feeling that they were only meeting with us because we were white and they thought we were cute. As flattering as that was, it is creepy. I kind of didn't want to believe it because I wanted to see them come to church because they wanted to come to church. But when we were teaching them, one of them layed their head on my shoulder. FLIP! So I immediately said Amen, said the prayer, stood up and left. Elder Barlow was laughing. So I think we are gonna take a little break from them. Other than that, people are progressing. We had an lesson with Wonder from the hotel and he couldn't believe that God allows opposition. It was definitely an interesting lesson. Well, Love you All. Hope you all are doing great. Go Giants.

Elder Treadway