Wednesday, October 22, 2014

September 29, 2014 Well....HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRANDON

Hi everyone,
So to start off, Happy Birthday Brandon!! The big 'ol 2-4. Sweet Man. So this week, it was a sweet week and a very discouraging but awesome Saturday. So on Saturday, we had three planned for Baptism. Vibes, Emmanuel Otoo, and Naomi Ewusi. They all got interviewed and were ready for the baptism. So, Elder Barlow and I got to the chapel at 3:30 to help get the place all ready. The font was filled. The room was cleaned and ready to go. But... when 4 came, no investigators. No members. Nothin! So we waited a little bit. Then we saw him. Emmanuel Otoo, walking across the street! Then, Members started to show up! And then, we saw Vibes, on his little roller, pushing himself up the chapel steps! Awesome! But no Naomi. She was no where to be seen and she really did not show up at all. So this Saturday we only had two baptisms. Which is great! I'm proud. I'm excited for Vibes and Emmanuel. But I was sad because I knew that Naomi could have been there. We then went to go meet with her. She saw us and ran. So we just sat down at her shop and waited for her to come back. When she came back, she told us that her Dad told her not to be baptized. Mind you, she is thirty years old, married, has two kids, lives on her own. But... she decided to follow her Dad. So we told her that her Dad was wrong and that we were sad. And then, Elder Barlow and I talked about it and decided to drop her. It's sad that someone who has a testimony, knows it's true, and even has the baptism font filled for her, but still decides to not come and follow the example of Jesus Christ. So now, Elder Barlow and I want to see her desire. We want to see if she really wants to come. But we have all, members and branch presidency, have come to the conclusion that it's good that she didn't come. Imagine if she did get baptized and THEN she gets a call from her father. That is now a less active. Sad but everyone has their agency. Hopefully, she turns it around. Well, love you all. Hope you are well. 
Elder Treadway