Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014 Hey y'all!!

Hey y'all!
So it has been a strange week. Sad at some points, scary thinking for others. Alot of it revolves around this Ebola Disease that is flying around west Africa. So this week, I heard that Barack Obama labeled Ebola a threat to National Security. Something like that. And right now, Ebola is in Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Sengola. So we found out this week too that one of the Elders here, Elder Freeman, just had a Sister die in Liberia from Ebola. And his whole family is quarantined. He hasn't been able to talk to them at all. I saw him today and talked to his companion. He is handling it as a champ. I also learned that when President Stevenson came to give him a blessing, he also broke the news to him that his best friend also died of Ebola. This disease is pretty serious. We are constantly praying for the people there, hoping that through some miracle, there is a cure that is found and that we can all continue our work here.
As for other interesting things that happened this week, Friday, all of the missionaries had to go to Takoradi, pretty much the party place of the mission, to go get our I.D's. What happened though was weird. My zone is waiting at the chapel and the zone leaders from the Yamoransa Zone come in and say that the Assistants called them to take me with their zone to Takoradi. So all day I was with the Zone Leaders of Yamoransa and then on the drive home, the car home was the assistants, the Zone Leaders, and me. Not going to lie, it was pretty awesome. But I sat in the back seat of the car and it reminded me so much of home. I even called the hump. It was a fun week this week. We have three baptisms planned for this week. Emmanuel Otoo, Vibes (yes, he finally payed his Bride Price and is getting baptized), and Naomi Ewusi. It will be a great week. Love you all. 
Elder Treadway