Monday, September 22, 2014

September 15 Hey Everyone!!

Hey y'all!!!
So this week was a sweet week! So to start off, we had Elder LeGrand R. Curtis Jr. visit the mission and he instructed us on Thursday. It was pretty cool. He instructed on Alma Chapter 5, which is pretty much the chapter of Self Analysis. He said that if you want to know how to change, go ahead and read that chapter. So I did. And, yup! There are some things I need to work on. It's not easy at all!!! haha. President Stevenson instructed us and it was a great instruction. He talked about a few things that I needed to hear to settle some problems or issues that have been battling inside me. I even talked to him afterwards in a one on one conversation about somethings that I needed help on and such. He gave me guidance and suggestions that have helped. I have definitely gained a greater love and appreciation for President Stevenson. I'll tell you what. In the life of a Mission President so far, I will say that no one has had it more difficult then him and he's handled it like a champ! The whole Ebola thing! Only one month out and he's got 20 new missionaries he's got to place somewhere. #Respect
So Saturday we had a baptism which was great. It was Cynthia who got baptized and it was awesome. Everyone showed up an hour late but who cares. It's Ghana. Just as long as we got it done. But she is my favorite person I've taught. She is so receptive and willing to learn. She took the message of the Gospel and ran with it. She is so powerful! Her neighbor is still CRAZY! I guess she told Cynthia that if we come around again that she will do something malicious to us. On the phone, Cynthia said the lady was going to blow us up? So Elder Barlow and I decided to not really venture there anymore. We sent the Branch President up there to go calm the lady down. Our belief is that this lady will eventually be baptized. That'd be a great conversion story. Keepin my hopes high. :) Well Love you all. Enjoy your week!
Elder Treadway