Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 8, 2014 Cape Coast Festival

Hey Everyone!!!
So this week has been a crazy week! Frustrating at times! Fun at times!! So lets start out with the fun, shall we? So this week was the Cape Coast Festival. They hold this festival every year. During this festival, there is so much drinking, dancing (if you want to call it that), more drinking, and some rituals sometimes to bring out spirits? I don't know. That's what one of our members here said. But since my area is pretty close to Cape Coast, there was a small section of the festival that came through. Speakers on trucks drove by as all these people were just dancing and going nuts. I got on a roof with a member and took some pictures. It was pretty interesting but sad. I saw so many sins taking place. The words of Alma just kept popping into my mind! Call Them To Repentance!!! If you look at the picture, you can see that it was the perfect position to do that.
So now for the crazy news. So there is some fat old woman that lives near my investigators house. Kinda more like a room. But she doesn't like us at all, more like she doesn't like me. I'm the more outspoken one in the companionship so I try to make friends with this lady. But she hates us because her son is scared of us? I don't know. But the other day, we were leaving Cynthia's room and this lady just comes up and just gives it to me in Fante. Just gives it to me. But to be honest, she'd do better yelling at a wall because I had no flippin idea what she was saying to me. I don't understand fante. But I got the jist though of what she was saying. She told us to leave and never come back. and then with the little english she knows she says, "Stupid Fool". Cynthia is crying, I'm angry because she is crying, and this old fat woman is just an angry old fat woman now. I so badly just wanted to say the one insulting fante word I know but I left instead. Did I go back? Yeah. I'm not gonna listen to a crazy woman. But... I'm smart. I brought a member that speaks Fante. haha. Jokes on her. She hasn't said a word since :) The problem though was that the woman took away Cynthia's chairs and such. So when we went with the member, Maame Araba, we just stood for the whole lesson. Maame Araba wasn't havin' it so she went to town and bought four nice chairs for Cynthia. Cynthia wanted to cry so badly but we left before she could. Jokes on that fat woman. I like to imagine her as a King Noah or something like that. haha. But Cynthia is still going strong. She is getting baptized this Saturday in the new chapel for Greenhill. Very sweet! Love you all.
Elder Treadway