Sunday, September 14, 2014

September 1, 2014 Great Week This Week!!!

Hey y'all!!!
How is everyone doing? Good? Sweet!!! So this week has been quite an entertaining week. First off, we had two baptisms this Saturday. And they were both rewarding. Well, all baptisms are rewarding but this one was extra special. One of the baptisms was Prince Benjamin Ayensu, who's parents I helped baptize when I came in May. So when he came the parents were like, "TEACH HIM!!!!" So we taught him and he was baptized Saturday. Along with a girl named Mary Addae. They are both very smart and very powerful!! It was awesome to be apart of. Two more people joining the Fold of God.

So Elder Allen, Elder Barlow, and I are doing well. We have had our slight disagreements here and there, but it's still going well. No one is dead. Elder Barlow is one of a kind. I'm loving my time with him. He is a very loving and kind person. Always likes to serve his companions. Elder Allen is very good with Obedience. We had a long talk yesterday about somethings we were frustrated at about. But one thing I've learned growing up in the Treadway household is just speaking what is on your mind. I've often held back on that so I don't step on any toes. But, flip, I'm a Treadway. A Treadway's gotta do what a Treadway's gotta do. So I've been much more outspoken these past couple days. Which is nice! Clears the Air! Makes everyone more understanding! So hope everyone is great. Love you all. 
Elder Treadway