Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 25, 2014 Another Week Passed and Gone!!!

Hey Everyone!
This was a good week. Somehow frustrating in certain parts but overall a good week. If we think about it though, every week is pretty awesome when you are in the Service of God. The Greenhill area is awesome and flourishing very well. This Saturday we are having two baptisms and we have another 4 baptisms planned for the 13 of September. Ghana is growing and the people are prepared for the Gospel. I'm just blessed to see people accept it the way they do.
So we have been teaching a wonderful girl named Cynthia. She is so powerful and so ready to receive the Gospel. We have been teaching her and she understands everything. She even fills all of the questions on the back of the pamphlets. But a couple days ago, she wrote me a letter and told me to read it when I get back to the apartment. In the letter, she talked about how she is literally starving. That her and her one month old baby don't have food to eat. She moved from a region very far north from Cape Coast and she knows nobody. But I was really sad when I read it and the next day we talked to her about it. She was crying the whole time so we offered to give her a blessing. At the end of the blessing, something just told me to give her all the money in my wallet. So I gave her 40 cedi's and slipped it into a pamphlet and gave it to her. The next day, she wrote us another letter (she likes passing notes.) And she told us that she didn't know how she was going to eat the past two days but because of the money, she was able to provide.
Another cool experience happened as we were proselyting. We were walking and we saw two guys walking around frantically and scared. The way they looked though was as if they were going to prom. As we stopped and asked them if we could help, we found out they were pastors and that one of them had lost their wedding ring. So we decided to help them. As my companins started to search. I said a quick prayer for help. Literally, two seconds later, Elder Allen find the ring! It was a golden ring in the middle of a black road. But it wasn't found till after the prayer. Prayer is powerful! Well! Love you all! Hope you are doing well!
Elder Treadway