Monday, August 18, 2014

August 18, 2014 I SURVIVED SOMEHOW!!

Hey Everyone!
So life is Sweet! As always! When you are in the service of the Lord, pretty much life is always sweet. Even when your circumstances should be otherwise. I've decided to do something with my companion. Every night, we play games. He has UNO, Phase 10, and I bought a board game here called Ludu. It's pretty much the Ghana version of Sorry! It's pretty fun and intense. So that has definitely helped us out. It was definitely was an adjustment but I was able to work it out. We definitely have things we can work on and what one's weakness is is another one's strength. So we are building our relationship. But I got hit with another twist from President. Sosaturday was Mini transfers because there are 11 Elders going home but 16 Elders are coming in two weeks. Its weird. I don't get it. So what happened is that Elder Becks companion from Sierra Leone is now in a threesome with us since Elder Beck has finished his mission. C'mon President! Just when things started working out, I now have to deal with this. And his companion is really hard to read. Beck told me he is like a robot with no personality. Well... yay!

So Elder Beck went home today. Well, he is at the mission office right now. Not gonna lie, I'm going to miss that guy a lot. He has literally been with me my whole mission. In my first apartment in Yamo and now in Greenhill. It truly feels like I have lost a brother today. But that's missionary work. It must go on and it will go on. The work is going well and I hope I can pick up where we left off together. Right now, we have two baptisms planned for the 30 of August and two, maybe three for the 13 of September. I've always wanted to leave each area better then I left it. I want them to remember me and say, "Elder Treadway. That's an Elder that worked hard. That worked with all of his heart, might, mind, and strength. And he was my friend." I think that is what is so different between Elder Beck and Elder Barlow/ Elder Allen. Beck and I made friends. We taught Friends. Well, love you guys. Miss you all but Ghana is sweet. My family, (The Greenhill Branch), is doing amazing. Love you All.
Elder Treadway