Wednesday, October 22, 2014

October 13, 2014 CHARITY

Hey Everyone,
So this week has been an interesting week. I was talking to Elder Barlow the other day. Things have been getting a little frustrating. I was telling Elder Barlow that I was feeling that things were getting pretty slow. That we weren't having many investigators progress and such. My whole mission so far, it's been easy to see people progress. But ever since we had the whole Naomi incident, the progress of people have been pretty slow. We are trying our best but people are bouncing us and such. But keeping our heads up and still trying. Just yesterday, Elder Barlow and I met with an entire hotel staff. It was pretty funny. There is an investigator we are teaching at a hotel, and we invited the whole staff to join us and they did. So we taught the cook, the security guard, the mason, and the carpenter. The receptionist had to leave. We gave them all book of Mormons and they seemed pretty excited about it. So we are visiting them tomorrow to see how it went. Well, hope you all are doing well. Love you all.
Elder Treadway