Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 14, 2014 Hey Everyone, I'm Alive!!!

Hey everyone!

So I'm alive! And it's been a crazy week. A bug infested week!! To start off, there were three ant nests that formed on our wall while we were proselyting this week so needless to say when we came back we were sitting on our beds and looked at the wall and noticed that the whole wall was moving. Odd. Since walls usually don't move. So Elder Beck pulled back his bed and where his head would be, two inches away were three huge nests of ants. That was a lovely night.

 Vibes is doing well. He is still coming to church and almost had all the money paid for the Bride Price until the family said that he now has to pay a penalty because he was living with her or some bull crap like that. I would beat the family!!!! But I can't. I'm a small boy. But he is doing well. His date is getting mad at him because he won't sleep with her anymore. Law of Chastity boys!!! She doesn't like us at all because we are changing him. Nope. It's the spirit and we are Representatives of the Lord. So we want to meet her and hopefully we can teach her too. Hopefully. Well love you all. Sorry this email sucks. Nothing new or interesting happened. Other then that. Oh, I gave a talk about being examples yesterday for five minutes because I was given a time limit. So pretty much Sacrament Meeting ended at9:40. The church has asked that all meetings in Ghana be conducted in English now so some people aren't too happy about it. Things are changing!
Love you all
Elder Treadway