Monday, June 30, 2014

June 30, 2014 Hey Y'all, Beautiful Week!

Hey everyone,
Today has been a great week. To start off, we had a great baptism this saturday. Cecelia was able to pass her interview and be baptized. It was awesome. She was super excited (Even though in this picture she looks like she would kill someone). haha. But it was great.
So everything has been going well. We've been teaching everyone small small. Efi has finally let us teach her a little bit. On wednesday I went to teach her and she was sick but since she was around, I just thought, heck why not? So we taught her, and guess what happens. I get sick. Bad. I'm sneezing all over the place, I'm coughing, sore throat, losing my voice. Headaches. But I don't want to waste a day so I go out every day. I try to get as much rest as I can but I go out none the less. 

As a funny stoury, or much like Elder Beck thought it was funny, we were asked to give one of our members parents a blessing. Now this lady's leg was JACKED UP. Like she had some skin disease that was eating her skin. We could see her calf muscle on her leg. It was gross. So Elder Beck annointed and I was to seal. So when Elder Beck is done anointing the oil, I say a quick prayer for the spirit and as I step to get to her side... yes, I'm in the future also... I kick her bad leg. I KICK HER INFECTED LEG!!! Of course it would be me!!!! Only me!!!! So I'm like trying to apologize to her and everything in Fante. Oh my gosh! It sucked!!! But I kept myself together as I did the prayer. But man, it was bad. But that's my weak. Sweet week. 

Today we played soccer. Yes, I was the goalie for the Cape Coast Zone. Only allowed one goal in like 5 games. And that one goal was a cheap goal. One of the players collied with my groin and I couldn't jump to stop the ball. But note to self, Never play soccer with a Nigerian. Love you all.
Elder Treadway