Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23, 2014 Hey, y'all!

Hey y'all!!!
So what a week!! What a week!!! First off, Spain and England have been disappointments!!! But Crazy!!! And how about USA!!!!!!!!!!! USA!!!! USA!!! I didn't get to see any of that game since it started at 10 at night. I was asleep the whole time!!!!But i heard dempsey scored in like the first minute so i thought that was sweet. But the Ghana match against Germany. Yeah, i saw that. Kinda all. It's not easy. So the first half we watched as we were waiting for the not serious girl who always dodges us. And she dodged us again. But we meet her at a members house who has been helping her come to church. And members are weird. You come in and they turn the TV on. Like, that's not how we do it in America. But they turned it to the ghana match but we watched the first half with the members and then at half time we left to teach a Recent Convert, Benjamin. What happened was we started teaching him at half time and then you just heard a GIGANTIC ROAR!!! So Benjamin just stops, swears a little, rushes to his TV and turns it on. And there went that lesson as he just sat there watching it. It's hard to teach a Ghanaian while the World cup is on. We tried. Oh we tried. But that Germany- Ghana match was sweet. I thought Ghana had it for a bit but nope... Also, didn't get to see any of the Portugal- USA match last night. But heard they drew. Would've liked a W but it's better than an L. That's for sure.
But Ghanaians have proven that the pride cycle can literally happen in 24 hours. They started so prideful. Then were humbled. But by the time we were out proselyting the next day, they were prideful again. It didn't make sense. Like we beat them but the next day they were saying they were going to score Germany 3 to 0. I respect the patriotism people but you sound like Idiots!!!! Some people still talked smack about the USA. One member said that Ghana is so much more powerful than USA. uhhhh.... c'mon man. C'mon. Sore losers :)
But this week has been sweet with Vibes. Vibes is, if i didn't say last week, a dude, 20 years old, that can't use his legs at all. There are very small and not functional. He can't afford a wheel chair so he pretty much has a dolly that is cushioned that he pushes himself around on everywhere. So he keeps telling us in lessons to pray for the people of Ghana so that they can recieve this message of the restored Gospel. SWEET! But he came to church yesterday! Pushed himself on this little dolly with his hands all the way to church, up hills and through all of Cape Coast. And when he got to stairs, just pushed himself up the whole entire way. He's Sick!!! He saw one of his friends at church too so in Priesthood he started hitting him and saying ,"This whole time you have had the true church but you didn't tell me! You're not a true friend!" haha. So awesome! Such a sweet thought though. If we were true friends, we would gratefully share the message of the restored Gospel to our friends and family. Definitely a message for me. But it's awesome. He should be getting baptized soon. But we have a baptism coming up this Saturday that I'm pretty excited for. Hopefully this girl passes the interview again. I think she will. Well love you all. 
Elder Treadway