Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 16, 2014 Another Hot Week Here in Ghana!

Hey everyone,
So it's another hot week here in Ghana and the heat has gotten even
higher with the World Cup. So I know many have thoughts about the
World Cup and all and if anyone has any doubts at all, I'm still
supporting my native country. It's gotten personal lately. The
Ghanaian's are so flippin cocky!!!! They always bring up the past
eight years in soccer so... we'll see. They always seem to leave out
the part about how they needed extra time to beat the United States.
They are always saying, "We are much better. We beat you!!!" Dude, you
needed 120 minutes to beat us. I hope we win!!!! For my sake. It'll be
sweet!!!! Heard about Italy's game. Balotelli with a header in the
60th minute? Sweet. Anyone see the switzerland game?? CRAZY!!!!! I
have found out that talking to people is so much easier when you are
around a tv with the world cup on. I'm using it to my advantage to
teach the Gospel. And it's working. haha. (Genius)

So this week has been a fun week. I had a Gospel Conversation with a
guy this week that is going very well. His name is Vibes and he is
pretty disfigured. He has a ripped upper torso. Ripped. But his legs
are the size of Natalie's. He just sits at his little shop all day
long!!! So i talked with him and he seemed interested. So we took a
translator with us and taught him the restoration to him yesterday and
he just looked at us and said, "It just makes sense". (If this at all
is written weird, the Germany v. Portugal game is playing in the
internet cafe with the volume loud. It's not easy) haha. But Vibes is
sweet. So we are teaching him small every day because he doesn't go
anywhere. We are also teaching this other Girl named Efi who has a
flippin screwloose. Get this guys. I don't think anyone has had this
problem. This girl has come to church over ten times. TEN TIMES!!! But
she never wants to meet with us!!!! We have spent hours upon hours
waiting for her and she has given us excuse after excuse. If she wasnt
going to church, we'd drop her. But she is so ahhh.... patience.
Patience. We've moved back her baptismal date because she just isn't
prepared at all. Lessons wise but even if we did teach her all the
lessons, i just don't feel she is mentally right to be baptized right
now. Not unless she shows a much bigger desire to be baptized. But
other than that, it's been sweet. We should have a baptism this next
week. I'm happy about that. But the work is going well. Working hard.
Having fun... most of the time. :) Love you all.
Elder Treadway