Tuesday, June 10, 2014

June 9, 2014 Hey, y'all! How's Life? (Such a weird subject line!)F

Hey Everybody!!!!
It's so good to hear from y'all. So Ghana here has been sweet this week. So for starters, I'll start everyone off with this stat line. Investigators who attended Church : 61. hahahaha!!!!! So our Branch mission leaders dad died a little over two months ago and this weekend was his funeral. Oh my gosh!! I'm so glad it's finally over. All of the members were gone due to this funeral and we couldn't get anything done. But all of the people that came from out of town came to church with the family where Elder Beck and I had to give a talk. now this Sacrament meeting turned ridiculous. We got there and our Branch president told us to speak for five minutes. Each. So we tried to condense our message to five minutes. I spoke about member missionary work and Elder Beck kinda just winged it. haha. But our Branch got a new counselor and secretary so our Branch President got up and told them to bear their testimonies for one minute. So our President was giving us all time limits so he could speak for thirty minutes. So that's what we did. Then in our investigator class, we had sixty one non members and we taught... the Lord's law of health. I was thinking that that was a perfect opportunity to teach like the restoration or something but anything worked for me. We got a lot of comments. I even got into a good conversation with a catholic priest that came in the middle of my talk. He was decked out in his big ol robes and stuff with his ipad and such. But I talked to him and he just admired our church system. haha! CUZ ITS TRUE SON!!!! (sorry)

But it's been great seeing the change of our recent converts. Like yesterday some kids were yelling at Elder Beck and I in Fante and Mary, our recent convert who only speaks fante, Got up, walked over to the kids, started yelling at them, then commenced to Beat them. Right on Sister Mary. Talking about beating, I was talking to sister mary and some kid just came up and stuck his hands into my pockets trying to get money. soo..... I just took my hand and pressed it against his hand so he couldn't escape and let Elder Beck and I gently slap him on the head and say, "WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING???????" Kids here have guts. I'll give em that. But i let him go and didn't have a problem again with that kid. But our recent converts and turning into completely different people. More social. More happy. Benjamin, the guy we just bapitized last week, just got called to be the second counselor in the sunday school presidency. Oh yeah!!! It was awesome. I'm continuing to love the work even more and more. My fante is getting better small small. Still hate it though when people think you speak fante because you can say how are you? It's like asking where is the bathroom and they think you can speak their language. No dude. I just know the basics!!! haha. But gotta love Ghana. Love you guys.
elder Treadway