Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014 Another Week Downy, Baby!!!!!

Hey Everyone!!!
How are you all doing? Hope the world is treating you fine!! So this week was baptism week. It was CRAZY!!!!! So on wednesday, I had to go on splits. I had to go to a nearby area called Nkamfoa so the District Leader, Elder Cardon, could come to my area with Elder Beck so he could do interviews. So i heard nothing the whole night about how the interviews went. We had six interviews that needed to be done that night. But that night was crazy. Crazy storms. Lightning literally struck within a quarter of mile from where we were staying. I cannot confirm nor deny that i might have screamed like a little girl when that happened.
On thursday I finally got back to my area and got news on how the interviews went. Well, we found out that Elder Cardon likes to have serious interviews. He had a two hour interview, an hour and a half interview and so forth. The shortest interview was with our 12 year old investigator and he took 45 minutes with her. But i found out that our 18 year old investigator failed the interview. Turns out that she broke the law of chastity a month ago and had an abortion when she was sixteen. Gosh. So President Shulz had to talk to her and we had to push her back to around one to two months. President Shulz then gave us a whole slew of things that we need to teach her now. The power of procreation, the law of chastity, repentance, etc. We need to share with her the section from the Miracle of Forgiveness about repentance. When we met with her yesterday, we made her realize how serious what she did was. She didn't have any idea why the law of chastity was bad. WHY WOULDN'T SHE LISTEN THE FIRST TIME!!!!! So, we taught her, shared her a scripture from Alma saying that it's the third worst sin, behind killing and denying the holy ghost. She has a good idea now and Elder Beck and I straight up told her, "Break up with your Boyfriend. He's no good." So, let's see. Gotta be bold, right?
So we did have baptisms though this Saturday. We had Mary A., Priscilla Q., Sophia Q., Benjamin A., and Elizabeth F. It was so sweet. The whole zone combined had fifteen baptisms. Elder Beck baptized Sophia, Benjamin, and Elizabeth, and Mary and Priscilla were baptized from the old Elder that served here before. But I was able to be the witness for all fifteen. It was sweet to see all those people enter the waters of baptism. To enter into a covenant with the Lord. But now that they are baptized, it's time to find new people. Because yesterday, investigators at church dropped from 7 to 1. Soooo.... this week will be a fun week, won't it? Love you all. Keep being awesome.
Elder Treadway