Monday, May 26, 2014

May 26, 2014 Hey y'all

Hey everyone,
So I was thinking about what really to write about. I really have no interesting stories or anything. No dog eating stories or intersting pics. haha. Just another week in the mission. So monday, Elder Beck and I went to FHE with the Sabba's, a family here in Greenhill. So as I was talking with the mom, she told me that I looked like a girl!!!! She said I had a girls face. So I decided to kind of help her out of this whole she dug. I didn't know if she actually meant it so I was like "you mean I look like a girl?" She said "yes. Did no one tell you back home?" NO!!!! All i said was "Sister Sabba, thank you". She just laughed and walked away. The thing is, she doesn't think it's an insult. She is just being straightforward. But she always makes fun of me. She always calls me small boy because I can't finish a bowl of fufu. So Ben would be called a small boy. haha! But yesterday, I finally finished my first bowl of fufu. It was so hard. Because it wasn't planned. I had just finished eating a big bowl of vegetables I made and then we got a call telling us that there was Fufu for us to eat. Ah Crap!!! So i went and ate. I took my time though but I got it all down. Well most of it. I just took what I couldn't eat and just spread it at the bottom of the bowl so it looked like I ate it all. lol. It's all I could do!!!
So i've got six baptisms coming up this week. Super excited. just working hard and getting them prepared. I had another investigator that I met with named Efi. She is super cool but super shy. Barely will talk to us. But she has come to church like 4 times before I met with her so I invited her to be baptized and she accepted. So we are working with her to get her ready forJune 28th. The work is going forward boldly. No unhallowed hand will stop it from going forward. Love you all. Hope everything is going well. 
Elder Treadway