Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 19, 2014 What a Quick Week!

It literally feels like yesterday that I was emailing you all. So this has been quite a fun week. So, about the fan story. There is one little part that happened monday night that made everything so much more awesomer!!! So, the fans went off again monday night and Elder Beck began his prayers and promises. This time, he promises that I will wake up at six thirty every morning. Just if anybody was wondering. I do wake up at six thirty. But he promised that and the fans start working again. So i turn over and start praying to correct Elder Beck in a sense. I said "Heavenly Father, I'm gonna be real. I'll try but I can't promise that I will wake up at Six thirty". As i said that, the fans all turn off. Instantly! So immediately, i change my prayer "God, I promise i will. I promise!!!!" The fans immediately turned right back on when I promised I would. I'm not exaggerating at all!!!! God is real!!! And... has a sense of humor. I didn't think it was funny though. Messin with the fans? Not cool.
Story number 2? I ATE DOG!!!! Oh my sick!!! Our Recent convert had a birthday recently so we decided to throw him a party with all his friends and stuff. We bought a dog, some rice, and some minerals to share with them. We were gonna be there for when they killed it but when we went to get the dog, the lady asked for a higher price because she saw Elder Beck and I were white. RACIST!! They think that us white people are rich. Girl! We are broke!!!! So Emmanuel, our RC, went to find the dog by himself and he found it and killed it. So i wasn't there when they killed it but I was there when they cooked it. oh my gosh. That was a sight. So a couple of members took some of the intestines and liver and gave it to me to eat. I thought, well this is Ghana, and I ate them. The intestines wasn't all that bad, wasn't my favorite at all! The liver was weird. I don't know how to describe it. But they gave this second liver that tasted like it was spoiled. I fought so hard to get it down but I finally did. Survivor Here I come!!! But the actual cooked dog? That was pretty good. It was hard to find the meet around the skin and fat but when I found it, not bad at all.
But the work is going very well. We have been struggling with Gospel Conversations recently. I don't know why but I am having a tough time talking to people. So we were 19 Gospel Conversations short of the Mission Goal a week so I fasted for the ability to open our mouths and share the Gospel. Then Elder Beck and I set times for us to have GC's. Before each lesson, we needed to talk to five people. We wouldn't go to the lesson until then. So we worked so hard and we got sixteen. We had to go to a sisters house last night and she was literally like 45 minutes away by taxi but by car, like ten. So we decided that we would walk home to try and get the GC's. Now this walk home was literally in the middle of no where. But we went and we got three!!! We reached our goal! Now we are confident!!! Look out SATAN!!!! haha. Love the work. It's brilliant. The gospel is true. love y'all
Elder Treadway