Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 12, 2014 Another Blessed Week Down

Hey everyone!
Family! Friends!! Ah, Mothers day came and went so quickly. It was great to skype with you family. Well sorta. I wish the video could've worked so i can see everyone's pearly whites. I got to see Dad's and Brandon's for a small time. But for everyone who didn't get to hear the cool stories of the week, I'll give a recap and an additional story that happened after skype.
So, this week I got to teach a lady who is my investigator. Her name is sister Elizabeth. And as we would teach her, she always had this cat that would come up and we would pet it. Elder Beck and I would call the pet fluffy. So we were petting this cat on Friday. So Friday night, Fluffy got hit by a taxi on the side of the road. Saturday morning, Elizabeth went out and saw her cat dead on the road. Saturday evening, she fed us Fluffy. CRAZY!!!!! She needed to feed fluffy some more before she died too because fluffy was all skin, fur, and bones. But i guess they are fine with that because they eat all of that here too. So, i ate a small bit. Not bad though.
So I told my family this story, so Elder Beck and I sleep with fans. Because it is 85 degrees at night. Just o you know how hot it is in the day, I put my clock outside, which tells the temperature, and when I got it ten minutes later, it read that it was 114 degrees. This was at 11 o clock. Oh yeah!!! But so fans are the only way we can sleep. If the power goes out, we can't sleep. So On Wednesday, the lights went out. Power stopped. No fans. So Elder Beck turns over and just prays and starts promising things to change. "Dear God, I promise ill be a good boy if you turn on the fans. Please" As he says please, the lights turn back on and the fan works again. The next night, the lights go out. No fans. So Elder Beck turns over again and prays. He starts to promise more changes. As he says, "i love you" to end his prayer, the lights turn back on. Fan works. Two nights in a row!!! So last night, the fans turned off... AGAIN!!! I decide to try and pray and... no luck. Elder Beck turns over, prays, promises change and when he says "amen" lights turn back on. God loves Elder Beck!!! or is trying to have him change on or the other. But God is good-o. O so good-o! Cant think of a better place. Love you all. Keep smilin :)
Elder Treadway