Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014 First Week Back. CRAZY!!!!

Hey everyone,
First week back. kinda crazy. So my trainer is Elder Beck, the same elder that was in the yamoransa apartment my first time around. That is awesome. He was so excited to hear that. And so was I. We have been having a great time. Right now, i am serving in the greenhill area. About ten minutes from cape coast in a cab. The area is huge and full of rich ghanaians, so they feed us alot. it is nice and all but i just cant eat right now. i'm having to adjust to the food again. i was fed as my first food here, rice with shito on it. Yes, shito. It is fish crap. When i found that out, i hit a mental wall. i couldn't eat it at all!!!! and then i had fufu yesterday. could only eat five bites of that. I think Elder Beck is gonna get fat. So a little bit more about my area, we have six baptisms planned for the 17th of may. We have two families each. Super excited. I think that it will be very powerful. i haven't really missed home much to be honest. i miss people but i try to keep my mind occupied with things and being exactly obedient. Journal everyday. Go to sleep on time. Wake up on time. Work hard every day. It feels good to be back. Love you all. 
Elder Treadway