Wednesday, October 2, 2013

September 23, 2013 SAAAH!

saaah! This week has been nuts to say the least. haha. id say my body is adapting to ghana too well in someways and in others, not as much. Today i got a little taste of both. It is raining today. pouring to say the least. saah (really). and its freezing. and when i say freezing, i say its seventy degrees. haha. my body is adapting. but i was also sick today. i got fufu and redred yesterday within 20 minute incriments and you have to finish what they give you. so i was eating food nonstop and i felt so sick. afterwards thuogh, i just fell asleep. and never felt good after that. but i took moms advice from my mind and decided to sleep. when i woke up, it was better!!! yay!
investigators are great. We should have one baptism this sunday. FANTASTIC!!! She is learning so much. Lydia is making alot of progress. ONe thing difficult about ghana is that some people just aren't serious. The listen but after, they dont retain a thing. and you have to speak super slow and witha  translator some of the time if they just know fante. SAAAH! a translator is hard too. they aren't serious as well. They have a conversation in fante with our investigator and we don't nkow what is being said. When we ask, our translator just says, "she said what is baptism?" LIAR!!!! But it all works out. everything is great.
love you all,
Elder Treadway