Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013 Another Week Down

This week went by so fast. On Saturday, i was walking with Elder Gqweta and i looked at him and just said, "wow. it's saturday. BYU is playing again." We just laughed. The days are going by more quickly. We are always busy. sort of. At the beginning of this week, Elder Gqweta and i dropped a girl that had a baptism date. It was hard. She knows everything but won't ever come to church. We even walked to her house to pick her up and she wouldn't come. So we stopped by and we just gave it to her. We were bold but no overbearing. I just had her read a scripture that said, "It is better for you to not have known these things". then to know them and not do them. I then told her that we have done all that we can do as missionaries. Elder Gqweta said that in the sight of God at the last day, he can say with no guilt that he's tried his best. I then told her that her salvation is on the line. Not ours. We then said a prayer and left. So what happened? SHE CAME TO CHURCH YESTERDAY!!!! So we gave her to the AP's, so she has a fresh start.

So we have three baptismal dates that are coming up. Two on the 22 and one on the 29. We hope that they turn out well but we will see. A great happy birthday to brandon. Our apartment is finally doing well. For the past two weeks or so, we have had no light in the hallway, the bathroom, shower, or the kitchen. So everyone has had to use a little flashlight to do all of their things. Cooking is weird. i can't see the measurements all that well. But we have to be guided by the spirit. But i'm continuing to enjoy myself. Things are beginning to be easier. I love you all. Keep up to all the great work. Oh and about the BYU game. I wouldn't bet on china or haiti. i'd bet on.. on... BYU BABY!!!!! I cried when I found out this morning. Chills and tears. I'm a baby. haha. Love you all
Elder Treadway