Friday, August 9, 2013

August 9, 2013 AKWAABA!!!

Well, I made it to Accra Ghana. It is so amazing here. The driving is absolutely insane. Going ninety on the freeway is quite an experience. Especially when you are stuck in the front seat and there is no seatbelt. lol. I know you'd like that mom. haha. But I love it here. Great missionaries. My companion is Elder Ehelofun from Nigeria. I'll just say that i'll be surprised if i dont pick up an accent because everyone has thick ones here. The flight was really long. Very. I slept most of the way but it was great. Finally made it. A little humid and not so hot. The MTC is absolutely incredible. It's surrounded by jungle. You can definitely tell that it is a very poor country but that's alright. Oh, i've already been scammed. someone wanted a tip for 20 bucks and I gave it to them. Then afterwards, i realized they were scamming me. The guy from the MTC told us not to give them a tip afterwards because if you are nice to one person, they all come. Wish i knew that before hand. Well, i figured out we do get to right. Spread the word to everyone. My email day is on Wednesday, same day as Ben. So i hope we get to meet real quick online. But tell Katalina, Trevor, Ashton, Carly. Write me. haha. I'm loving it. Well, I love you guys. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers.
Elder Treadway
p.s. Ashtons mom's cousin works here in the MTC. He knew me when i walked in. Small world.