Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14, 2013 Well, Week No. 1 is Under way!!!

Well, AKWAABA!!!!
I'm pretty sure that is hello. But people here us it as welcome so I just use it as both. It's so great to finally write home. It really has been such a long week. I've missed home so much. So I'll start off at the MTC. We got here and looked around. We literally have electric fences surrounding the entirety of the MTC. The elders here are determined that the electric fences are to keep us in instead of people getting in. We figured this because everyone in their right mind hates this place. It is so small. There are three stories, the elders sleep on the third, and there is the cafeteria on the bottom and one class on the second floor. That's it. That is all that I venture to in one day. It is ridiculous. There has been three consecutive days where I had not stepped outside for a second. RIDICULOUS!!! THIS GUY NEEDS HIS EXERCISE!!!!!
So do you want to hear about my companion? Here it comes. This guy is no elder money or elder aso. Elder Ehelofun is such a test of patience and kindness for me. He is straight from Nigeria and he's been a member for a year. He knows how to speak english but I have to ask him to repeat what he says three times before I can actually figure out what he says. And this problem is only for him. The rest of the nigerians are easy to talk to. But him, no one can communicate with him. His accent is so thick that I can't understand it. He also doesn't like being around me at all. He just walks off when I'm busy doing something and I turn around and my companion is gone. Where did he go???? Also, he loves to sing. But he can't sing. Like, not like me. I cant sing but I know the words and can pronounce the words. It sounds like a moan half the time he sings. But he will sing all the time all over the place. In the middle of class. during lunch. during dinner,. right before bed. everywhere!!!! He also doesn't like to follow the schedule. If we have to be in our rooms at 9:30, i try to be obedient to that. I want to be exactly obedient. But he is too busy playing checkers till 9:40. I'm learning to love him though. It is very difficult. The lord is definitely trying my patience and kindness.
Well, I was made the District Leader for my district. I think that it is such a great blessing and feeling to know that the Lord trusts me to be a leader. I just hope that I can do the best I can to fulfill what he wants me to do. It is very difficult though to be an 18 year old missionary and in charge of three nigerian missionaries, one south african, one ugandan, and the rest are americans. It's difficult at times because i cannot understand a single word half the time. I have to have them slow it down. Most of my responses are questions half the time. For example, "turn off the air conditioning". Me : "turn off the air conditioning?" Stuff like that for such a long time. It's getting better though. I can do a pretty darn good african accent now. Pretty believable too. And all the elders here are pickding up on stufff to fit in more. Like handshakes now are some fancy snap the fingers thing. Weird but when done right, amazing!!!!
So you may be wondering about the food. And I must say that Ben is right. this food sucks!!!! SO MUCH!!!! I now understand why people lose so much weight. But I'm trying to eat the most that I can because i know Katalina wants me to maintain my 145 lbs frame. But what we have for breakfast every day is six pieces of bread. not toast, just bread. With a hard boiled egg. And if we are lucky, we get a bowl of rice mixed with some liquid we are afraid to ask what it is. It's definitely adjusting. But the spirit is so strong here. You can feel it in all the lessons. You can feel the strong unity between all of the elders. And the one thing we cant wait for is to just get out there and teach. One week away from today!! It's flying by. Next thing I'll know, I'll be out in the Bush teaching the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.
So on a spiritual note, i was reading the first vision and I realized something. When Joseph Smith was praying, he was tempted and pretty much attacked by the powers of satan. So much that he almost caved. But he didn't. He endured through that prayer, calling upon God with all of his strength. And then, and only then, did God and Jesus Christ come. Only then did the greatest vision and miracle that changed the world happened. That applies to us so much. We face so many struggles and challenges in our lives. But when we call upon God and endure, then that is where the miracles come. The lord tests us. But if we rely on him, blessings and miracles come our way. I love you all. thank you for the support. Cape Coast here i come.

Elder Treadway