Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 20, 2013 WEEK TWO

So, today is the day before I enter the mission field. Very interesting feeling. Kind of a gut wrenching feeling to think that around this time tomorrow, I'll probably be in an investigators home, teaching about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm so excited for the chance to finally get out of this place. However, I'm very nervous to see what will happen when I'm there. So it is about a three hour bus drive and I'm excited for it. There are people called hawkers, who just walk around on the road carrying things to sell. And if you want one, you just roll down your window and wave. They run up to you and you make an exchange of cidi for the item as the bus is rolling. I plan on doing this because I'm dying for something other then the same stuff I have had the whole time we have been here. I've literally had bread and an egg every day for breakfast. I've gotten used to it after we realized that if you pour the sugar onto the bread, that it really tastes much better. haha. And the hot cocoa tastes horrible. But if you put four scoops of sugar into it, it actually tastes like hot cocoa. The things we learn when we experience with sugar.
So Elder Ehelofun is gone. The elders leaving for Nigeria left this morning and he was one. It was a different feeling because we kind of got along a little better but he still is loco. Elder Brown and I were the youngest ones in the whole apartment and we were seriously the most mature. We follow the rules. We get into our bed around 9:45, so around 2:45 california time and 3:45 Utah time. So we get in. We write in our journals, we read from the ensign, we read our scriptures, and since i'm dl, i instituted a district prayer. or a room prayer. So our whole room prays and then we do personal prayers and go to bed. Very simple. But Elder Ehelofun didn't like that at all. He always washed his clothes in the bathroom sink every morning and night. But we tried our best to get along.
One of the guys in our room, Elder Beacom, sadly got mumps a couple of days ago. Because of this, and since all of the Africans havent had the chance to get shots, they sent Elder Beacom and Heaton to a room in isolation and sent us a Nigerian elder in there stead. Now this Elder is the loudest Elder in the whole MTC. And he is in our room. He doesn't go to bed till 12. And when I told him that we try to sleep by 10 thirty and that we would respect it if he joined in on that, he went rampage mode and said that the new rule is 12 and that he will do what he wants. That is one of the times that someone went rampage mode on me. Another time is when Elder Ehelofun tried to write a letter to the MTC President, (which we were supposed to do at 2 in the afternoon) and 10;50 at night. So I told him he could do that later and we turned the lights out. He went rampage mode for literally fourty minutes. We gave him a flashlight, we gave him another room to write it, we gave him the hallway. The only time he would write the letter would be at night, with all of the lights on. Ridiculous. So he left the room to tell someone what is going on, and when he did that, I took his letter and told him that he can have it in the morning. He said that the spirit is telling him to write the letter now. Elder Brown called him on that and said that God wanted us in bed at ten thirty and so if he is getting a prompting, it's from satan. And so Elder Ehelofun's response. He jumped onto my bed, grabbed my camera, and threatened to shatter it. So that was my last straw. My patience was tested throughout this whole companionship but I had it there. I gave him back the letter. No way was I going to have this mad man hold my camera. But everyone has companions like this... I think. I just had to have patience and learn. It was only eleven days. Not six weeks. Nothing that big. Just learn and grow.
So I'm super excited for tomorrow. I may write. I don't know. It will be awesome to see what happens. Love you all so much. Continue to study the scriptures and apply it to your lives. It will truly bless you because I've learned so much. The footnotes are amazing. haha.

Elder Treadway