Monday, August 26, 2013

August 26, 2013 Week 1 in Cape Coast

So i would like to apologize before hand. This keyboard in the cafe is horrible. haha.So I survived my first week, or five days in the field. I'm in the Yamoransa area. It's about ten minutes away from Cape Coast. Its 

awesome. A very small area. But it's beautiful. It's hard to teach as well. It's so small that everyone has heard about the gospel so it's not like we arent teaching anyone who doesn't have an idea of what is going on. They all have some opinon already formed and we just need to make it nice.

So my companion is Elder QGWETA. So the way that you say his name is by clicking and then slurring in weta. It was a bit difficult at first but after the first time, I loved saying it. He is from south africa and is brilliant. He has only been out three months so he just finished training. He is 24 years old though. Holy cow. He is older then Brandon. I was surprised. But we went to work. We just walk around meeting with people. Street contacting like crazy. We have one lady who is progressing very well. We might extend a date to her soon.
I love you all and thank you for all of the love and support. Im definitely learning my purpose and striving to be the best I can so the lord can work through me. I love this mission. It's difficult. Very difficult. I've already gotten sick but that's past me. Just moving forward with my head held high.
So lastly, I gave my first marriage advice yesterday. Now as a background. This guy was married to this woman who stole everything, took her kids and left. This man, Jimmy, had nothing. NOTHING. But the woman came back and begged to have her back. But he said no. Now, he was asking me and qgweta if that was wrong. If it was against the law of chastity to do that. So what I should have said... was nothing. But what I did say... had nothing to do with that situation at all because I totally forgot. What i said was, quote "I'd say to just look at the beauty in her. You married her because you love her. So talk to her about it. Look at her positives,not her negatives." So after that, he said that I don't understand. And there is no recovery from that. I just shut up and let my companion talk. We were lauging so much after the lesson. haha. He got everything figured out though. haha. Thought you all would love that.