Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015 Tree Stump v. Foot!!!

Good Evening Everyone!
I hope you all are doing well. I hope you all had a wonderful week, especially a Thanksgiving week. Some may be curious and think to themselves, "I wonder how Elder Treadway celebrated Thanksgiving?" Well, let me tell you... working. We didn't celebrate it at all, if you don't count eating rice celebrating. It was relatively lame in hindsight but we didn't even think about it being Thanksgiving. But we thought about it on Friday and felt a little remorseful that we didn't celebrate Thanksgiving. So, we celebrated Black Friday by buying some Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream sandwiches and eating those. So, a little redemption... I guess.
This week in Proselyting was relatively successful. We didn't add any new investigators or receive any referrals but we were able to really move quite a few people along to baptism. A lot of times, with a big number for baptism, it's a rush to teach them everything. But, we are feeling comfortable where everyone is at right now and there is no need to have a big rush. We have one investigator, Mike, who seems to come up with some random question that seems like he got from an anti- mormon. It's funny because he'll ask us a question like, "How many people will be saved?" So we answer him and just say, "Anyone who chooses to really." He then asks us to read Revelations, yes, the one about the 144,000 (oh those Witnesses) and we just go and pick apart that scripture. Not so much pick apart but truly explain it to him. He just has a smile and says, "That works for me." He knows the church is true but I don't know where he gets these questions because they are typed out on a piece of paper.
Today, we went and played a football match today. It was a rather hot day. No clouds. 100% humidity and I'll say that people were comparing my face to the color of the setting sun. But as we were playing, the ball came my way. I let it pass knowing I can catch up to it and control it. I decided to make a pass without controlling the ball so I go to kick it pretty hard. As my foot comes down with great strength, a Tree Stump decided to sprout from the ground magically. My foot slammed it and the pain was excruciating. I don't know what a break feels like seeing that Treadway's have metal bones (knock on wood) but this was painful. I try to rub some dirt on it but the pain didn't leave. I sat out for about one minute, drank some water, and then ran back in because the game was tied 4-4 and we were playing to 5. I couldn't end it on a sour note. One Elder I heard mention, "Man. Treadway's back. I'm not on his team but I want them to win now." And win we did! Was it worth going out again to win? Yes. How does my foot feel now? Awful! Good thing President Carlson is a doctor. He checked it. It's not broken. He thinks. Just a really bad sprain. Hopefully it feels better this week. Well, Love you All and Hope you are all Well.
Elder Treadway

pic 1. We need to transport 12 Elders to town? This is how we do it!
pic 2. Our investigator Muhammad. He is not muslim. The mom liked the name

pic 3. Me and my Glorious Ice Cream Sandwich

pic 4. Kids playing Imaginary Soccer out of old batteries, bottle caps, and a sardine can