Tuesday, July 28, 2015

May 25, 2015 Oh, these are hard times....

Hey Everyone!
So this past week was a very fulfilling week. Since we haven't been able to get investigators to Sacrament meeting, we thought what would be a good remedy to that was to work harder. To be able to create an environment that they can feel the spirit. So as they are converted to the gospel, a desire would grow within them to come to church. So we worked paa! It was one of the best weeks that I've had here in Tarkwa. But, we sat there on Sunday with no investigators at church. They all still failed to show up with their various excuses. It has been frustrating, I won't lie. This transfer had very bright hopes but so far, those hopes have been dashed. I'm just trying to work, but I have in the back of my mind that unless these people come to church for the next three weeks straight, I probably won't be able to witness their baptism. But, I then calm myself down and just say, "It doesn't matter if I'm there for their baptism. Just as long as they remember me when that moment comes, I'll be fine with that." As long as they remember Elder Treadway when the months past. I'm here for them and I'm really on their time table. They will move along when they are ready. Can't rush them. Not even for my own personal gratification.
Can't give up on these people. Can't give up on Tarkwa. The adversary would want me to get down, but gotta keep pushin!
Love you all. 
Elder Treadway