Tuesday, July 28, 2015

June 1, 2015 Miracles Anyone?

  • Hey Everybody!
This week was a fantastic week for Elder Havea and I. We were able to push really hard and meet some fantastic new people. As of late, we had been really struggling with people coming to church. So, we just felt we needed to try harder, to invite more and do all we could to help people come. On Wednesday, we met with a referral from our Recent Convert, Joseph. The boys name is Richard and as we went to visit with him, he brought his best friend along. Both of them loved the teachings and were determined to come to church on Sunday. (They were unable to because their parents sent them to collect something before church. Disappointing) We also met with a wonderful girl named Augustina. We were just walking and she stopped us and said she wanted us to come and teach her. So we came and taught her. She doesn't speak English the best so we had to bring a translator to help us. But she said she was going to come to church and at 8 in the morning, she told us she was ready so we came and picked her. Also, Josephs assistant, Owusu, was able to come to church. Ah! It was a miracle! Like, we were praying and working for miracles! And they finally are coming, small small. 
On another note, as we have been striving to be full-purpose missionaries and fulfill the promise made by Russell M. Nelson that as you focus on Less Actives and Recent Converts, your baptisms wil increase. As we have focused on Less Actives and Recent Converts, a less Active that hasn't come to church in seven years came to church yesterday! It was Wonderful! He made some weird comments but... I'm glad he came :) Well, hope you all are doing well! Miracles are all around us!
Elder Treadway